All 2014 Life Journal Sold Out


Approximately a year ago when we first started Peekmybook, our very first product made was Celebrating 2013, a yearly journal similar to 2014 Life Journal. We sold 32 pieces of it back then. It’s amazing how time flies.. Today we sold our last copy of 2014 Life Journal (and unfortunately have to refund one of our customer because she paid for this item just few minutes before we marked it ‘sold out’, so sorry!) and we couldn’t believe when we saw the total number of sales of this item; it’s 350. Wait, we swear this is not an April Fool’s joke! :p

We’re not sure how we traveled from selling 32 pieces of yearly journal to 350, but we realize it was our families, friends, and of course our customers’ support that helped us to keep going. Sincerely, thank you :)

We wish to create many more unique and interesting books in the future, and we hope we could one day reach a thousand number of sales for one item. Amen!


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