Introducing a life worth living.

I am so excited to introduce: a life worth living; which is a social and non-profitable project created to share other people’s life stories. Some of us were born and raised in a decent environment, but some others weren’t as lucky. This writing aims to be a medium for those who want to see, learn, and try to understand other people’s life.

It was around January 2014 when I first made a scribble of this idea and named it ‘the book project’. Originally I wanted to create a mini book consisting random people’s life stories but later on I found that to be too complicated. I thought it would probably be better to start simple and small.

a life worth living is printed double sided in a single A6-size paper and it’s given to every customer of Peekmybook for free. The design is similar to postcard, except the room for writing letter is replaced with the stories.

I have had this idea for about one and a half year, and I have been constantly talking about objectifying it to my partner, but my bad, I have never really turned my words and ideas into actions. Until a few months ago I discovered Humans of New York and felt completely inspired by it (thank you Brandon, you’re awesome!). It’s very similar to what I’ve had in mind, and it gave me a motivation to get started.

I don’t know what is a life worth living going to be in one, two, or five years, but I’m glad it has finally come alive.

To see more about it please head to:


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