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Beautiful Inside Out – Gift Set

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We believe everything that we feel inside our heart radiates through our outer appearance. Every each of us is unique, but we all want the same thing in life; to be healthy and happy.

In this collaboration with @bodhichoice, we carefully curated these items to help you achieve a balance between your mind, body, and soul. Inside the box is a copy of our When the Sun Set book and a package of Signature Scrub by @bodhichoice. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones, or even for yourself. We sincerely think these are truly what our bodhi needs.

We wish you a great time using them :)

Kami percaya apa yang kita rasakan di dalam hati akan terpancar ke luar melalui raut wajah dan bahasa tubuh. Meski setiap orang unik dan berbeda-beda, kita semua sebenarnya menginginkan hal yang sama yaitu menjadi sehat dan berbahagia.

Bersama dengan @bodhichoice, kami membuat gift set ini dengan harapan dapat membantu orang lain menyeimbangkan kesehatan mereka dari luar dan dalam. Kotak gift set ini berisi satu buah buku When the Sun Set dari Peekmybook.com dan satu buah Signature Scrub dari @bodhichoice. Gift set ini dijamin akan menjadi pilihan hadiah yang unik dan berkesan untuk orang-orang tercinta, atau untuk diri kalian sendiri :)


Inside the box:
1. One piece When the Sun Set book by Peekmybook.com (choose one color and write it down on the additional note on check out page; or else random cover will be sent.)
2. One piece of Signature Scrub by @bodhichoice.
3. Both items will be wrapped beautifully just like in the pictures.
4. We accept custom wordings to replace “Be beautiful inside out” with minimum purchase of 3 gift sets. Write down your custom wordings on the additional note on check out page (please keep it short).

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