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Eighteen to Nineteen – 2018 Journal

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The amazing 2017 is coming to an end and soon it will be replaced by a new exciting year of twenty eighteen. We believe there is no better way to celebrate new year than getting yourself a brand new decent, bright, cheerful, and unique 2018 journal.

Comes in three different color choices of grey, pink, and yellow, we promise this 2018 – 2019 agenda will be nothing but fun and addictive to use!

Tahun 2017 sebentar lagi akan berakhir dan digantikan oleh tahun 2018. Kami percaya bahwa cara terbaik untuk merayakan tahun baru adalah dengan menghadiahkan diri sendiri sebuah agenda 2018 yang ceria, warna-warni, dan pastinya unik.

Hadir dalam tiga pilihan warna yaitu abu-abu, pink, dan kuning, kami berjanji journal 2018 – 2019 ini akan begitu menyenangkan untuk diisi!


Cover: hardcover
Binding: perfect binding
Inside: 100 gr A4 paper – printed in full color
– 1 page of personal data (printed on a thick 250 gr paper)
– 1 page of 2018 calendar (printed on a thick 250 gr paper)
– 1 page of 2019 calendar (printed on a thick 250 gr paper)
– 1 page of family tree (printed on a thick 250 gr paper)
– 1 page of letter
– monthly schedule table for one year
– weekly schedule table for one year
– 35 pages of notes (located at the end of each month. Each month has 3 notes / lined pages except January (1 page) and December (4 pages) kindly excuse us for this unique arrangement :p)
Ink: water and fade resistant
Size: slimmer than A5 (approximately 13.5 cm x 21 cm)
Pages: 98 sheets (198 pages back and forth)

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Grey, Pink, Yellow


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